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Models / Mata Hari

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Plugged, Caged, and Punished
Mata Hari
Sexy Mata Hari sneaks into her Master's studio while he is preparing for an afternoon shoot. She is wearing a satin quipao skirt combo.. and her satin panties and crotchless nylons underneath with her clitty caged in a steel chastity trap.. She figures she has some time to play before Master comes in, so she decides to use her favorite vibrating buttplug. She bends over and pulls her panties to the side. She lubes up the giant plug and inserts it into her asshole. Its so tight that it takes her a few wincing moments to get it in.. But once she does she immediately turns it onto the highest setting and pulls her silky blue panties back over the top to hold it in place. The vibrations are super strong and soon Hari is moaning.. Maybe a little to loud.. Master hears her and comes in to find her all dolled up and playing with herself on his stage. At first he's a bit annoyed with Hari for messing up his set right before another shoot.. But decides that maybe this is a good chance to teach her a lesson! He grabs his jute rope and ties her arms behind her in a traditional Chinese 5 Flowers style boxtie.. then sits her down onto a tall stool. Hari can really feel that plug now! He fits her with some painful nose hooks that distort her face, then he shoves a giant silicone mouth guard into her mouth and tapes it in place by wrapping poor Hari's head with thick vinyl tape! He ties her long sexy legs and then hoists them up and spread apart so now Hari is balancing solely on her ass and that plug that is burrowing deep. Master puts a silk bag over her head so she can't see and then he inspects the pooled precum all over her panties from her leaking clitty. He grabs a vibrator wand, pulls the stained panties to the side, and rattles her clitty cage! Poor Hari is completely helpless.. The gag, bag, and ties are so effective that she can do absolutely nothing but ride the vibes and take everything he does to her..

Tags: Bdsm Bound Orgasms Butt Plug Chastity
Suspended Submission
Mata Hari
Gorgeous Mata Hari starts out already spread, suspended, and waiting for Shiny to come and play with her. He gags her and attaches her head harness gag back so that she can't see what he is doing to her. Then he proceeds to tie, vibe, spank, flog, crop, and tease every part of her thinly covered body! After he makes her cum all over the inside of her suit, he post-cum torments her some more as she hangs there in her silky suit full of her own cum.

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Bound Orgasms Catsuit
Catsuit Cutie Chairtied and Cumming
Mata Hari
Sexy sweet Mata Hari wearing her silky dancewear makes her ShinyBound debut! Tightly chairtied down onto her buttplug with plenty of rope, she starts out the video already helpless and suffering at the hands of her real life Master, Shiny. The chemistry between Hari and Shiny is magical and very cute as they go back and forth in this real life bondage session.. First, he straps a huge mouthfilling ballgag onto her and proceeds to run his hands all over her sleek spandex covered body. Next, he ties a leather blindfold over her and leaves her there to struggle and suffer in the tight ropes for awhile! Eventually he comes back in with a vibrator and takes his sweet time teasing her with it before bringing her to a huge orgasm! She tosses and turns, trying desperately to get away from the overwhelming stimulation, but even with all of her thrashing around, she is still quite stuck in place.. Hari's cum shoots out and oozes through her spandex suit, pooling on the outside. Shiny again presses the vibrator to her sensitive clitty and gives her some serious post cum torment! Again she convulses in the chair, trying to escape his torture.. But to no avail. Shiny removes her ballgag and asks her if she would like to be untied. She asks him to please untie her. He tells her he will untie her if she gives him a kiss. She agrees and Shiny grabs her face and gives her a nice big open mouth kiss. He jokes that he is still going to leave her there.. But finally removes her blindfold and unties poor Hari.. After she is untied, she is stripped naked for a look at whats under her sexy catsuit!

Tags: Ballgagged Bdsm Blindfolded Bound Orgasms

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